Senior Sunday – The Oldies Club

Today we cross the pond again to visit the Oldies Club for this weeks Senior Sunday post. The Oldies Club is centered in Lancashire, England, but lists senior dogs for adoption throughout most of the U.K.

Note: The Oldies Club also have senior cats available for adoption. I’ll write a separate post about these senior cats in a few weeks!

The Oldies Club


From The Oldies Club website

The Oldies Club is a dog rescue that finds forever homes for older dogs (7+). The Oldies Club also helps other UK rescues by promoting their old dogs.

We assist in the provision and maintenance of care and shelter for stray, neglected and unwanted dogs, in particular older dogs, and to assist in the protection of dogs from ill usage, cruelty and suffering.

The Oldies Club is a dog rescue, run solely by volunteers, that specializes in rescuing and re-homing older dogs – aged 7-years plus. We first came into existence in the Spring of 2005, and in March 2007 The Oldies Club proudly became Registered Charity.

Here at The Oldies Club, a small volunteer-run dog rescue registered charity, we have helped over 5,000 homeless old dogs in rescue to be discovered by new, loving families, thanks to our popular website.

To date The Oldies Club has re-homed 861-dogs –- we also promote old dogs that are in other rescues, by carefully crafting descriptions of them and publicizing them on our much-loved website.

The Oldies Club’s web team consists of seven dog-mad volunteers who spend their spare time writing about dogs they have never met, probably never will meet, and yet, after writing about each old dog’s plight and how it came to be in rescue in its twilight years, we feel we know so well. The rescues we work with send information about the oldies in their care that they would like us to promote, but often we need to dig a bit deeper to get that extra nugget of information that will help the oldie find a home. We sometimes ask for more photos to try to ensure each oldie looks its best. Or we might ask if the oldie would be happy to live with cats, dogs, or children, or if it is good in the car. All those extra little bits of information might be just the must-have feature that someone is looking for in their new dog. We also use our personal experience of adopting and living with our own old dogs to help us present oldies in a positive light, to give each oldie the best chance of finding that elusive new home.


Oldies Club Logo


Seniors have a lot to teach, we just need to be willing to watch, listen, and learn… (Divinity’s Dad, 2012)


Here are some, but not all of the senior dogs currently available for adoption from The Oldies Club.

Sheba: located in the North East Region


Sheba is a 10-year old German Shepherd x Husky girl who was rescued from very unsavory living conditions. Sheba is now in the care of Happier Days for Strays, kenneled in Sunderland, and they would love to see her in a happy new home for Christmas.

Sheba has a lovely character and she is good with dogs. She can be rehomed to live with sensible children aged over 5-years too, but she hasn’t been tested with cats. Sheba is easy to walk when she is wearing a head collar.

To learn more about Sheba, click the link to her Oldies ClubAdoption page


Cooper: located in the North West Region


Super Cooper is a gem of a dog! Cooper is an 11-year old Lab cross in the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue. Having spent years stressed in kennels, unable to relax and show his true, joyous nature, he now has his very own room, surrounded by lovely solid walls to keep him safe, he’s now optimistic about his future.

Cooper wants to be an only pet in an adult only household and he needs his new (very lucky!) owner to spend time getting to know him. A quiet home, steady routine and an owner or two who are kind and confident will make this diamond shine!

To learn more about Cooper, click the link to his Oldies ClubAdoption page


Toffee: located in the Central Region


Toffee is a beautiful 10-year old crossbreed lady and she’s ready to find her perfect forever home. Toffee is in the care of Animal Helpline and she was very nervous when she first arrived, finding the change quite overwhelming. With the help of the rescue volunteers, Toffee has come on a long way, but she’ll need a quiet home where she can settle at her own pace.

Toffee will make a wonderfully loyal companion. She enjoys her walks and when she’s around people she trusts she has a lovely waggy tail and walks very nicely beside you. Toffee gets along well with her kennel mate and the rescue thinks she would benefit from living with another calm, confident dog to help show her the way.

To learn more about Toffee, click the link to her Oldies ClubAdoption page


Tiger Lily: located in the South East Region

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a sweet 15-year old Border Terrier Cross girl who came into the Oldies Club rescue after her owner went into a care home. Tiger Lily is in an Oldies Club foster home in Oxfordshire, waiting for someone to offer her a lovely new home.

Tiger Lily loves to have company and becomes anxious when left alone. She will cope if she has to be left for a short time, but she would like to have someone with her nearly all the time, although she isn’t a lap dog and simply wants to be in the same room as you. Tiger Lily is house trained and happily goes outside to toilet, but she may slip up if not out in time.

To learn more about Tiger Lily, click the link to her Oldies ClubAdoption page


Bilbo: located in the South West Region


Sweet little Bilbo hasn’t had an easy life. Bilbo came from a home where he was neglected, both physically and mentally, and he arrived in rescue in very poor health. Bilbo had to have surgery to remove several rotten teeth and numerous tumors, poor boy. Luckily he’s now safe and comfortable with Forest of Dean Dog Rescue and is being fostered in Gloucestershire.

Bilbo is 11-years old and he’s a super little dog. Now that he has no pain or discomfort he’s really flourishing and is a cheerful, outgoing little chap. Bilbo loves going for walks and meeting new people, and he gets on very well with other dogs.

To learn more about Bilbo, click the link to his Oldies ClubAdoption page


Apple: located in Wales


This wonderfully gorgeous lady is Apple. Apple. is only 7-years old and is a magnificent example of a German Shepherd cross who is as friendly as she looks. Apple. is seeking a new home through no fault of her own and Animal Rescue Cymru is helping her with this.

Apple. has the most lovely disposition; she is loving and friendly and she will thrive in an active family where she can have lots of human companionship.

Apple. adores children and is good with other dogs. Her only fault is that she doesn’t like cats, but what proper dog does? She is super playful and energetic. Apple. hopes her new owners enjoy playing and going for walks as much as she does! She is good off lead and loves running about. Her recall is good unless she picks up an intriguing scent which requires further investigation.

To learn more about Apple., click the link to her Oldies ClubAdoption page


Ozzy: located in Scotland


Ozzy would love to meet you! This lovely 8-year old Springer Spaniel loves people and getting a fuss. This darling boy is currently being fostered through Dogs Trust West Calder. Ozzy is super friendly and loves playing with his toys. He gets on well with other dogs and he is always ready to meet and greet new people and dogs and to enjoy their company.

Ozzy enjoys human company so much that he would prefer his new family to be around a lot of the time to keep him company. He would love a home with a secure garden to play in and not too many steps please! Ozzy does have some mobility issues so is unable to take very long walks, but likes to keep busy playing puzzle games.

Ozzy is fine to live with other dogs and children 10-years and older. If you have plenty of time and love to give, Ozzy would love to meet you!

To learn more about Ozzy, click the link to his Oldies ClubAdoption page



Available dogs from The Oldies Club

Dogs in England

* Available Dogs in the North East

* Available Dogs in the North West

* Available Dogs in the Central Region

* Available Dogs in the South East

* Available Dogs in the South West

Dogs in Wales

* Available Dogs in – Wales

Dogs in Scotland

* Available Dogs in – Scotland


The Oldies Club contact links

To learn about all the dogs, that The Oldies Club has available for adoption, click the following links:

The Oldies Club Website

The Oldies Club Facebook

The Oldies Club Twitter


One happy failed foster enjoying life in his forever home




Interactive Map of Senior Dog Rescues, Sanctuaries and Special Programs

Note: This map is presented with kind permission from Senior Pups

Click the “Brackets” on the right-side in the Map Header below to view the full-size map


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