Active Bear Cubs at Appalachian Bear Rescue

To start Saturday on a happy note, here is a wonderful video from the Appalachian Bear Rescue featuring their five injured/orphaned bear cubs and yearling’s.

This morning, ABR 272 (Willow) increased her activity level by climbing up and down her pen in the nursery. She is consuming all formula given and is ready to resume a normal diet. In order to provide her with more room to move around, gain strength, and improve her coordination, Curators Janet and Tom moved her to the Red Roof Recovery Center this morning. She weighed 13 lbs., which was a gain of over 4 lbs. Tom hung a rope ball toy like the one Clementine and Viola have, and within 10 minutes after moving to the RC, she was observed playing with it. This afternoon, she was given blueberries and grapes with her formula and quickly consumed them. Although she is improving daily, she is still recovering from profound dehydration and trauma. Our girl is still critical, but is beginning to feel better.

ABR 271 (Bumble) was observed sleeping high up in a tree while ABR 270 (Magnolia) enjoyed a leisurely bath in her drinking tub (insert eye roll). The Little Rascals were given a new tree and have already begun plotting its demise. (JD)

Appalachian Bear Rescue


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Algeria joins the Country List

Flag of AlgeriaDivinity & I want to welcome a visitor from Algeria.

Algeria has become the 116th country that has had one of its a citizens visit Divinity’s blog.

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