Divinity’s last ride

Today, it is exactly two months since Divinity was euthanized. As I did on this date last month, I want to celebrate Divinity’s joy of life with another video.

Note: The photo of Divinity in this post was taken five years ago during our first camping trip to Canada.

Drive-thru Diva


Divinity loved life, and her joy of the outdoors, and going for rides continued through her final hours.

This video is the last movie I made of Divinity, and was filmed while we were on our way to Kivisto Vet Clinic, where Dr. Steve would perform the final act.

Watch the video of Divinity enjoying her final ride.


Divinity enjoying a body and face rub

This video shows Divinity enjoying a nice body, and face rub. Divinity regularly enjoyed rubs, especially, face rubs. My little lady received great pleasure from these rubs.

These rubs increased to such an extent, that during this past summer, I asked Dr. Steve if this might be caused by a neurological disorder,  most likely Divinity’s dementia. Dr. Steve couldn’t say without examination, but these rubs weren’t harmful in any way, and Divinity’s cancer was certainly a more pressing issue.

Divinity shortly before her rub

Watch Divinity’s body rub movie.

Miss Divinity – Rest in Peace

Divinity was a sweet, quite, gentle little lady; a retired Therapy Dog.

Divinity - RIPDecember 1, 1999 to September 10, 2014

Note: The first post on Divinity’s blog is a Sticky” and is a tribute to my beloved Miss Divinity. Divinity’s passing notice will always remain at the top of her Home Page

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Divinity’s Dad

Dr. Steve emails

I received an email from Dr. Steve after he read the latest post on Divinity’s dementia getting worse, and about her loosing more weight.

The following is the pertinent part of Steve’s email, and I post this without comment.

“…I am very sorry to hear about Divinity’s continued decline. Keep doing what you can for her and let me know when you think the bad times are more frequent than the good times.”

“I don’t know if this is helpful or not when making your decision but I know more people (myself included) that feel they waited too long before saying good bye to their beloved pet than people who feel like they did it too soon.”

Dementia getting worse, and more weight loss

Unfortunately, Divinity’s dementia symptoms have increased dramatically. My little lady no longer just paces at sundown; Divinity now regularly paces for hours throughout the night.

Last night the evening pacing began around 9:00pm, and kept up until around 1:30am. Every time Divinity made the rounds up the upper floor, she’d jump on the bed, and wake me. After very little sleep, I put Divinity in the back room with her bed, and closed the doors as I needed a break. However, when I checked on her at 1:00am, she was still pacing frantically.

Divinity receives the maximum dose of her dementia medication, so there’s no increasing the dosage in the hopes of calming my little lady. This is difficult behavior for her dad to watch. My sweet little lady is rapidly meandering her way into the sunset.

Ten days ago, I published a post on Divinity loosing weight. Unfortunately, since then she’s lost even more weight. I don’t have a scale, but I can feel her bones more than I could even ten days ago. Divinity’s boots are now regularly falling off, as her ankles have gotten smaller, as her weight drops.

As it is, I needed to modify her boots to fit, as even the smallest size boots, were too large for her tiny feet. I’m managing to keep the boots on for the most part, but after two plus years of heavy use, these boots are well worn.

Chase Away K9 Cancer

This information is reposted from the Grey Muzzle Organization’s Facebook page.

An important message from Chase Away K9 Cancer to take “10 on the 14th” of every month!

Take 10 minutes today to check your senior dog’s lumps and bumps: “If you see any new lumps or bumps or notice differences in existing ones, take notes. If they have grown quickly please have them checked.”

Please cross post this and thank you for Being Your Dog’s Hero!!!

Chase Away K9 Cancer

Divinity’s Weight Loss

Tuesday, Divinity & I went to see Dr. Steve for more medicine. Dr. Steve seemed surprised that Divinity’s been feeling so energetic. However, Dr. Steve also gave the impression that this might possibly be the last “feeling good” cycle before her final days. I actually asked Dr Steve about that possibility; he paused, then said something like “maybe with others, but with Divinity, one never knows.”

An Exhausted Divinity

In the past three weeks or so, Divinity’s lost nine percent of her body weight. Divinity’s gone from 17.5 pounds, to 16.1 pounds. She was weighed wearing her full harness & boots, so her actually weight is lower, and after five days of having a lot of pep & vigor, Divinity’s energy level has dropped significantly.

Divinity has an extraordinary desire to live. However, even with Divinity’s “tough as nails” determination, her cancer is still eating away inside of her. At some point, even “strong will” won’t be enough to keep Divinity going.

Quite frankly, Dr. Steve seemed surprised that Divinity’s still alive. I’m amazed myself.

Divinity is one, tough, little lady!