Officially in Retirement

Retired Therapy DogI received official confirmation on Divinity’s retirement as a Therapy Dog for Pet Partners (formally the Delta Society).

When I first adopted Divinity she did not know how to walk on a leash. Ten months later Divinity had not only passed her Canine Good Citizen certification, but her Therapy Dog test as well.

Divinity with her Cainine Good Citizen Certification

Divinity’s hearing is fading. As such, I do not want to put her in a situation where someone could come up behind her without her knowing someone, or something was there.

Divinity with our Therapy Dog certificate

Divinity went through enough turmoil in her first nine years, I’ll do my best to make sure her remaining years are relaxed and enjoyable for her.

Retirement List


7 responses

  1. Divinity, you definitely deserve to enjoy your retirement. My girl Ashes is also deaf and she now enjoys time with just her sisters and her brother and of course, me! And we are all careful when she is in front of us or if she is sleeping!

  2. Bless both your hearts. What a good Dad you are! Divinity you enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it! All the best, Fay and her girls in CA

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