Two elderly Cairns are being adopted!

I want to continue Divinity’s championing senior pet adoption with a wonderful announcement.

Two elderly Cairns have adoptions pending from the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. These two little ladies are 11-years, and 13-years old respectfully.

The first lady is an 11-year old little lady named Lake.

From the Col. Potter Cairns for Adoption page

“WARNING! This little girl will come pre-spoiled! Lake is so darn cute I can’t help it. And I bet you won’t be able to either. Her eyes look great, bright and sparkly, and I can’t tell that she has vision issues at all because she doesn’t miss a thing! She has become much more independent, though she still follows me around more than any of the others. Toys are her favourite and she likes ALL of them out of the toy box. I have heard her barking in the next room and when I go check out why, she is standing surrounded by toys, barking at the toy box! Ordering those last ones out? That is her style. She has a definite idea of just how things should be and works hard to get all of us to comply. Get her throne ready when you apply to adopt Lake. She is doing her best to become a Princess!”




The second lucky lady is 13-years old, and her name is Pavonia.
Now Pavonia has been in a foster home waiting for her “furever home” since 06/24/2013! Wait no more, little lady, your wish has been granted!

From the Col. Potter Cairns for Adoption page

“It’s me Pavonia. “I’m feeling good from head to my shoes”, I don’t wear shoes but – I’ve got a new attitude just like the song! I got a haircut and I am feeling pretty! I am ready to join my forever family right now. I am excellent at cuddling up next to your feet or on your lap on the couch. I walk nicely on a leash for the appropriate amount of time. I am a mature lady so no kid shenanigans please. If you are looking for a laid back lady look no further. I even put myself to bed and will sleep in with you on the weekends. I follow rules. I am kind to other dogs. Who would be better than me? (I say that modestly.)”




Note: Would you be interested in adopting a senior Cairn Terrier, or maybe another breed? If so please review the available dogs from the rescue links located in the link sections, on the right-hand side of this page.



2 responses

    • No, it’s not me!

      I was just thrilled that these two little ladies were getting adopted, and wanted to make this announcement.

      Their pending adoption post might help others to consider adopting a senior pet, and seniors need all the good publicity they can get.

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