A trip to the St. Croix River

Enjoying her RideYesterday, Divinity & I went for a ride to Wisconsin, to see the St. Croix River.

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We stopped at an overlook, just north of the Taylor Falls.

Divinity at the Overlook

Here is the view of the St Croix River looking North

St Croix River

Here is the view of the St Croix River looking South

St Croix River

Divinity enjoyed the ride, but at an hour each way, it seems to have been too much for her.

Totally Beat

After more than five years of traveling around Minnesota, and maybe six, or more trips to both Wisconsin and South Dakota, two trips to Canada and North Dakota, and one trip to Iowa, it seems that our days of long odysseys together are over. From now till Divinity’s passing, we’ll keep to rides around our local area.

To view the movie of Divinity enjoying the ride in the car to the St Croix River, click HERE.


Lost in Space

Lost in SpaceToday, during our mid-morning walk, Divinity stopped, and just stared into nowhere. This lasted for more than five minutes before she decided to move.

Along with cancer, Divinity also suffers from dementia, etc, etc, etc. All of Divinity’s medical problems are increasing in intensity as time goes on.

After waiting patiently for five minutes, I walked up to my little lady, picked up her front half, and asked her if she was OK. Divinity’s answer was a nice “nibble-kiss” on my nose that she does when she is especially affectionate.

This is a very difficult time for dad. I don’t want to do the deed too soon, but then I don’t want to wait too long either, and have Divinity in pain.

Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, we’ll be taking a nice day-trip that I’ll write about after. If not tomorrow, then hopefully we’ll be going no later then Monday.

Lost in Space

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Lost in Space

A weakening in her hind legs

This morning as I was dressing her, Divinity sat back on her bottom, seemingly unable to stand.

Several times this past week, Divinity’s had trouble lifting herself up onto my bed, which is all of seven inches off the floor. Yes, I actually sleep on a futon on the floor. Sleeping on the floor makes it easier for Divinity to climb in, and out of bed as she pleases.

Divinity’s cancer is generally situated in her lower half, and I’m attributing her recent difficulty in standing, to her gradually weakening condition.

However, as usual, once we were outside, my lady gave a little run. Not far mind you, but enough to show her dad that she’s still got it in her.

Divinity is one tough little lady!

Going Barefoot

Going BarefootAs an experiment, Divinity went for a walk without wearing her boots. I wanted to see if my little lady would stumble, and trip without them.

Unfortunately, Divinity stumbled, and tripped nearly as much with her boots off, as she does with them on. However, she did manage to keep herself upright, though she’s tripped several times, but hasn’t fallen for a few days.

Divinity wears boots all the time, as her feet are very sensitive from standing on wire cage bottoms for her first nine years. Boots allow Divinity to feel comfortable, as she finds walking barefoot, even on grass, to be uncomfortable.

Going Barefoot
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Going Barefoot

Going Barefoot

Switching from Hamburger’s to Pork Chops

Drive-thru DivaAbout five years ago, Divinity went through a McDonald’s drive-thru for the first time. This was the first time I know of, that Divinity smelled grease from cooking hamburgers & fries.

As you can see in this photo that was taken five years ago at McDonald’s, my calm little lady went bonkers over the smell, and odor of frying food.

For several years after, I called Divinity my “Drive-Thru Diva.”

Well five years on, Divinity has finally tired of hamburgers. My little lady’s new favorite is a pork chop. Now dad is not complaining, after five years of eating hamburger’s I’m tired of them myself, and pork chops are a long-time favorite.

Fortunately, there is a very nice butcher shop a few miles away, and they sell both plain, and seasoned chops. Now I won’t be cooking pork chops but once a week, but that one chop will feed my little lady for several days.

Cancer has diminished Divinity’s appetite. However, after months of struggling to find a food Divinity would enjoy, she is now eating heartily.



Stumbling & Tripping

Lack of EnergyFor the past three days, my little lady has been stumbling and tripping.

Yesterday morning, Divinity tripped, and fell on her face three times. During her evening walk, Divinity fell again.

This morning, Divinity tripped, but fortunately, she managed to keep herself upright.

During our walks, I’ve been trying to keep her on the grass as much as possible, as grass is much softer to fall on, than the gravel covering in the driveway.

Divinity’s energy level has dropped again, and her stumbling & tripping are just another sign of her underlying condition. I suspect, like the energy drop that occurred a month ago, this new decline is permanent.

On a bright note, Divinity has gotten much more affectionate. Dad is now receiving many cuddles & kisses daily.


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