Pet Partners Remembers Miss Divinity

A very happy DiviinityI saved this post for Divinity’s third month passing date, as it is a fitting remembrance of my little lady.

Occasionally, to recognize the passing of a noteworthy therapy animal, the Pet Partners therapy animal organization publishes a special notice, or call-out about their passing.


It was with Pet Partners (fka Delta Society) that Divinity & I were tested, and registered as a therapy dog team.

Having heard about Divinity’s passing, and after reviewing Divinity’s blog, Pet Partners asked me to submit a short write-up on Divinity. Pet Partners kindly published this obituary in the latest issue of their magazine, Interactions.

To view the Interactions magazine page featuring Divinity, click the following link:
Interactions – Winter 2015 – Page 16

Note: Divinity was not only a therapy dog for people, she also took it upon herself to act as a therapy dog for several injured pets. Divinity had a calming effect on nearly everyone, and everything.

Update: The Col. Potter Cairn Rescue from whom I adopted Divinity, posted a nice remembrance of my little lady on their Post Adoption Blog.

To read this post, click the following link Divinity Remembered

Planning For The Possibility That Your Pets Might Outlive You

From Divinity’s friends at The Grey Muzzle organization.

“Thousands of companion animals are surrendered to US shelters each year simply because their humans passed away or became ill and had never made plans for the continued care of their pets. In this session, Amy Shever of 2nd Chance 4 Pets, outlines what options are available to ensure “lifetime care” for pets and how you and your organization can help pet owners plan for the continued care of their pets.”

The 2nd Chance 4Pets organization has some very valuable information, including forms that are extremely helpful to pet owners, such as their Pet Care Instructions Workbook, and their Emergency Cards as well as other valuable information.


Your Dog Is Never Too Old for Training

Canine Good Citizen certificateThere was a nice article written by Mikkel Becker, and published by on training older dogs.

The following two paragraphs are excerpts from this article:

“It’s never too late to train a dog. Adult and senior dogs who have never had any formal, structured training can still grasp the idea of following instructions in order to obtain a reward. The trick to training an older dog (who may have picked up some bad manners over the years) is to teach him to think about what behaviors he should do to earn a reward and how to respond when he is asked to perform that behavior. The bigger reward of training, for both dog and human, is increased communication and bonding between pet and owner.”

“Recently, Moxie, a newly adopted 10-year-old Boston Terrier, came into my training class. She had no prior training and growly manners with other dogs. Moxie’s pet parent, Cheryl, was a first-time small dog owner and she wanted to start their relationship off right. Moxie quickly learned the basics, such as sit, down, stand and heel, and very soon began to outperform her younger peers with tricks, such as shake and spin. Despite all of the other dogs in class being years younger than Moxie, she rose to class stardom and unabashedly became the teacher’s pet, stepping up as my demo dog for most of the exercises we learned.”

Divinity was nearly 10-years old when she began her training. Divinity quickly passed her Canine Good Citizen test, and followed that up a month later by passing the Pet Partners therapy dog evaluation test. Divinity was the third oldest dog in our area to become a therapy dog.

To read the complete article on training older dogs, click HERE

Claire, a 14-year old Chihuahua, receives help from the Grey Muzzle Organization

Claire at time of rescueI wanted to post a wonderful example of the work performed by Divinity’s friends at the Grey Muzzle, and hopefully, get the word out about this terrific organization, and about the resources they provide for senior dogs, including their Hospice Care for Homeless Senior Dogs.

“Claire, an estimated 14-year old Chihuahua, was the victim of a Kentucky hoarder, living with 22 other dogs in two rooms, in knee-deep feces, for several years.” “She’d never been examined when Blind Dog Rescue Alliance (BDRA) discovered her.”

“The Grey Muzzle Organization provided a grant to help with medical treatment. Claire saw the vet weekly to manage her care and slowly her life was revitalized. Her blood work showed much improvement in her kidney numbers, her eyes improved, and her beautiful red hair started growing back.”

“Debbie is pleased to report Claire will never leave her foster home. Without Grey Muzzle’s generous funding, we would not be able to place these special seniors and others like them within our forever foster/sanctuary dog programs.”

Claire in her forever home

To learn more about Claire, click HERE

Please watch Claire’s heart warming video “From hoarder victim to princess.”


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