Divinity enjoying a body and face rub

Divinity shortly before her rubThis video shows Divinity enjoying a nice body, and face rub. Divinity regularly enjoyed rubs, especially, face rubs.

My little lady received great pleasure from these rubs.

These rubs increased to such an extent, that during this past summer, I asked Dr. Steve if this might be caused by a neurological disorder,  most likely Divinity’s dementia.

Dr. Steve couldn’t say without examination, but these rubs weren’t harmful in any way, and Divinity’s cancer was certainly a more pressing issue.

To watch Divinity’s body rub movie, click HERE.

Note: Click the photo, to see a larger version.

Heartfelt Appreciation for your Condolences

Divinity & her DadToday, marks one week since Divinity was euthanized. There is now an emptiness in my life, that my little lady had filled.

I would like to thank everyone for the kind thoughts, and words following Divinity’s passing. Your thoughtfulness has been much appreciated.

The outpouring of sympathy has been overwhelming. In the first few days following Divinity’s euthanization, more than “One Thousand” people visited Divinity’s blog to pay their respects. There have been hundreds more, who have visited Divinity’s blog since then.

I have never had such a complimentary relationship, with either a person, or an animal. There are people who said I brought out the best in Divinity. Well the reverse is also true, as Divinity brought out the best in her dad. I miss my little lady, and always will. This was truly a match, made in Heaven.

There are a few more posts I have left to publish on Divinity’s blog before it’s complete, at least as I envision it at the moment. There are video’s, as well as some photographs I want to publish, especially the one of her Urn that is currently being made by Carol, at Pet Hair Pottery. Carol is the person who made my Dog Tag using Divinity’s hair.

Please note: Divinity’s death announcement will remain a “Sticky.” This means the death announcement post will always remain as the top/first post you’ll see when you visit Divinity’s blog.

To read the newer posts, you will need to scroll down the page to below the death announcement.

Also, this year, on December 1st, I will celebrate what would have been Divinity’s 15th birthday, as well as the start of her 7th year of freedom, having been rescued from a puppy-mill in Southern Missouri in late November, of 2008.

It was an honor, and a privilege to have been Divinity’s Dad.


Divinity’s Dad

Taking a day to relax

A Totally Tired DivinityAfter a couple of hectic days of visiting parks, and going for long drives, Divinity & I decided to take today off, and just relax.

Divinity is quite tired as you can see in this photo, so we’ll be kicking back, watching TV, and spending the day enjoying our time together.


Note: Click the picture to see a larger version.

A nice walk on a warm day

A Summers Day WalkDivinity & I went for a nice walk today.

Although Summer is over, the temperature is quite comfortable, and the sun is shinning.

Today, we’ll be visiting the local butcher shop, to buy a nice steak for tomorrow nights dinner.

I did make a video of Divinity on her walk. To view this movie, click HERE.

Note: Click the image to view a larger version.

A drive in the countryside

Ride in the CountryAs Divinity was feeling well, we took the opportunity to go for a nice drive, to see the countryside.

Divinity enjoyed the scenery, and spent the entire trip looking out the window; safely secured in her car seat.

After spending her first nine years in a cage, Divinity truly appreciates being outdoors, and enjoying the countryside.

From our first camping adventure at the Turtle River State Park in North Dakota, to our annual Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trips, Divinity’s enjoyed each adventure.

I made two movies of my little lady enjoying her ride. To watch these movies, click HERE, and HERE.

Note: Click on an image to view a larger version.

Ride in the Country

A Nice Walk by a Lake

John Anderson ParkToday, Divinity & I went to the John Anderson Park, where she enjoyed herself strolling down to the water, and along the beach.

Now my little lady did not go in the water, as she did when we went camping by the Assiniboine River in Canada, but she certainly enjoyed herself.


I made two movies of Divinity at this park. To watch them, click HERE, and HERE.

John Anderson Park

Note: To view a larger version of a photograph, click the image.

John Anderson Park

John Anderson Park



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