An exhausted Divinity

Miss D SleepingAfter a day and a half of dealing with snow, Divinity is having a well deserved rest.

Between yesterday, and last night, we received LOTS of snow. Actually, the previous snow had finally melted, and we had virtually bare ground for the first time since last November, and now this!

April 16th snow





Mid-April in Minnesota

Mid-April SnowstormWell it’s April 16th in Central Minnesota, and guess what?  It’s SNOWING!

The forecast is for up to 4 inches of snow. On the bright side, within a week, all of it will have melted.

Quite honestly, Divinity is none too happy, but dad feels better because the plow was taken off the ATV, so I won’t have to perform my winter chore.

Update: The latest forecast stated a possible 10  inches of snow over the next 36 hours!

Mid-April Snowstorm

Helping Your Dog Cross the Bridge

The following information is from The Grey Muzzle Organization.

End-of-life.  None of us want to think about it until we are forced to.  However, this is a natural and normal part of all our lives.  Below are some resources to guide you through the process.  Please also see our At-Home Euthanasia, Ceremony Ideas, Hospice Care and Quality of Life Assessment Tools pages for additional assistance.

“My Time To Be Strong For Him” – An Article by Maria Stoerrle – The Grey Muzzle Organization’s Education & Outreach Chair, as featured in The Daily

End-of-Life Decisions by Ardeth DeVries – The Grey Muzzle Organization’s Advisory Board Member, courtesy of OldDog Haven

Article “Old Faithfuls” by Connie Schultz - Letting Go

Healing Conversations – What to say when you don’t know what to say book – By Nance Guilmartin

Post a memorial of your dog with pictures on-line

Spirits In Transition Website

Bright Haven Resources

Senior Dog End of Life Articles

Update on Divinity’s intestinal infection

Divinity.on.a,Run2It’s been a hectic week and a half with my little lady being sick.  Divinity’s first trip to the vet this month was on April 1st.

During today’s visit, we picked up some more antibiotic from Dr. Steve. Steve listened patiently to a nerve-racked dad.

Divinity is still not over whatever it is that made her sick, so Dr. Steve felt an additional two weeks of medication was in order.

Over the past two days, Divinity’s health has improved, and she’s once again eating her regular kibble. Unfortunately, Divinity is still hardly drinking, and the amount of water she does drink, is only a small percentage of her normal daily water intake. I’ve been adding to her water intake by slowly squirting water, and Gatorade, into her mouth.

In the hope of making my little lady feel better, we also stopped at Dairy Queen for a hamburgers & pup-cup. By the time we got home, Divinity was feeling much better, and actually went for a short run. Click HERE to see the video I made of Divinity running.

Financial Help for sick pets

A friend emailed me about three organizations she knew of that provide financial assistance to those who qualify, and are unable to afford care for their sick pet.

This post is not an endorsement of these organizations, but if an emergency arises, and an owner is faced with putting their beloved pet down as they cannot afford treatment, these organizations might be able to help. No doubt, there are other organizations who offer pet owners assistance as necessary, but I only know of these three.

* The Veterinary Care Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable foundation created for the specific purpose of helping veterinary practices fund the discounted and no charge care they generously provide.

The Mosby Foundation The Mosby Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, to assist in the care of critically sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs through financial support and public education.

* Frankie’s Friends: Frankie’s Friends provide hope for families who are simply unable to pay for a serious illness or injury requiring specialty care.

April 3rd & 4th – more snow, and a trip to the vet

Divinity at the VetsThis winter will just not stop. The forecast for the next 36 hours or so, is for something like 12″ to 16″ of snow!

Divinity & I have had enough, and we are both looking forward to warm weather.

This week’s been especially difficult for my little lady. Monday morning I had to take Divinity to see Dr. Steve. After some blood work, and physical exam, Dr. Steve said Divinity has a bacterial infection. Divinity was given some antibiotics which have helped, although she is still quite sick. Divinity has also lost 1/2 pound since her yearly exam that was performed a few weeks ago.

Divinity is on antibiotics, and had blood work taken which was sent to a lab. The lab results were fortunately OK. Divinity also received an injection of Cerenia.

Other medications include Metronidazole (2x/day), and as of today, because she is having a bit of a relapse, she is getting Metocopram & Trama-Dol HCL, both (3x/day), if I can get her to swallow the pills.

For the near future, Divinity gets to eat hamburgers & white rice. These are normally some of her most favorite foods, but right now, she doesn’t want to eat anything.

As for dad; I’m tired as I’ve been getting up regularly every night since Monday to check on my little lady.

Note: This picture of Divinity was taken in the examination room at the vet clinic on Monday. Divinity still looks like she is not feeling well.

Divinity’s movies – Moved to a new site

My 1950's Movie Starlet For the past four and a half years, I placed the movies I’ve made of Divinity on my QuarterBredFarm website. The problem with that, is someone needs to actually download the movies to their computer, in order to watch them.

Well that problem is now solved!

Divinity now has her own page on the DailyMotion which is a video site, similar to YouTube.

Now you can watch all of Divinity’s movies simply by clicking on any video that’s been added to her DailyMotion page.



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