Divinity’s Urn

Divinity’s urn has arrived. This urn was made for me by Carol, at Pet Hair Pottery. Previously, Carol made a dog tag neckless for me out of pottery, and Divinity’s hair.

Note on the “Dog Tag” image: Someone noticed there is a face of a Cairn Terrier in the center of the tag.  If you click the picture you will open a larger version of the photo. It’s easier to spot the face in the larger photo.

Carol is not only a very talented potter, she is also very thoughtful. Carol was one of the very few people who knew the scheduled date of Divinity’s euthanization. Carol kindly emailed, so that when I left Dr. Steve’s office that fateful day, her condolences were waiting for me. I will never forgot Carol’s kindness.

The last two photo’s were taken by Carol, and include a “Fur Capsule” that is attached to cord placed between the lid, and the jar. This capsule contains strands of hair from Miss Divinity.

Should you decide to order an urn, or other items from Carol, please email her first to be certain she is currently taking orders. Don’t forgot to tell Carol, that Divinity sent you.

Note: If you look carefully, you can see the outline of a small dog, with short legs.

After emailing Carol to inform her of the existence of this image, Carol replied stating “Oh my Gosh!!! That is really unbelievable!!! I am stunned! That has happened twice now with your work!”

Divinity's Urn

Urn without cover

Urn with cover

Urn with cover

Urn in B&W

Urn in B&W

Urn with fur capsule

Urn with fur capsule

Closeup of Fur Capsule

Closeup of Fur Capsule

Divinity enjoying a nice ride

2nd to last rideToday, it is exactly one month since my Divinity was euthanized.

While I certainly do not want to celebrate Divinity’s death, I do want to share her joy of life.

Therefore, here are two pictures of Divinity enjoying one of her last rides. Going for a ride, was one of Divinity’s greatest pleasures.

I have also uploaded a new video of Divinity taken during this trip.

Divinity’s cancer was in an advanced stage at this point. As such, she was quite tired, and rested her head on her seat during this trip. However, my little lady did perk up for a short while, and she really enjoyed looking at the scenery of the countryside.

2nd to last ride

To watch the video of Divinity enjoying her ride, click HERE.

Divinity donates clothing to Col Potter foster Cairns

Divinity donated three pieces of warm clothing to be used by Cairn terriers rescued, and fostered by the Col Potter Cairn Terrier rescue organization.

It was Col Potter volunteers that rescued Divinity, along with eleven other Cairn terriers, as well as twenty plus Bassett Hounds in late November, 2008 from a puppy-mill in Southern Missouri.

Danielle, the founder of the Col Potter rescue stated that this clothing will stay with the rescue. After a foster dog(s) using this clothing is adopted, the clothing will then be given to another foster Cairn. Divinity’s clothing will be passed on from one needy Cairn to the next.

Divinity would be pleased knowing her clothing will bring warmth to Cairns in need.

Now Divinity did not like cold, but this clothing made cold rain, and even Minnesota winters  bearable for my little lady.

The following are photo’s of Divinity wearing each of these items of clothing.


Winter Mini-Blanket

Winter Suit with Bonnet

Dealing with Divinity’s Death – Part 1

Followers of Divinity’s blog have asked me to post on this specific subject, among other topics. As writing about Divinity’s loss is painful to me, I will be publishing about this subject in separate “installments,”” and the posts following this one, might well be on other topics.

I will not publish new posts in chronological order. Whatever subject is comfortable for me at that particular time, will be the topic of the post that gets published.

So let us begin…

Since Divinity’s euthanization, there have been moments I have been “testy.” Fortunately, right now, I am in a position to be by myself, so no one is on the receiving end of my occasional “attitude.”

When I returned home the day Divinity was euthanized, I sat at my computer in a daze. The one thing that kept me going that day, was watching the visitor count of how many people visited Divinity’s blog. The sheer volume of people who came to pay their respects to my little lady took me aback. In the first few days, more than “one thousand” people visited the blog; hundreds more have come to pay their respects since that fateful day. Divinity was important to more people, than I could possibly have imagined.

Divinity was euthanized on Wednesday, September, 10th. Two days later, I began to thoroughly clean my apartment. From vacuuming, cleaning out closets, dusting everything in sight, to washing walls, floors, and woodwork. Even the inside, and underneath the refrigerator received a thorough cleaning. Every day for the next week and a half was spent cleaning. If I was cleaning, I was not thinking about my loss, and thinking about losing Divinity, was far too painful to bear.

Several times during those first two weeks, I went for walks. Walks were something Divinity and I enjoyed for five years. However, after Divinity developed cancer, our long walks stopped, and in her final months, Divinity had difficulty walking at all.

It has now been more than three weeks since I lost my little lady. My apartment is clean, and I have too much time to think. I run errands as much as possible. However, there are only so many errands to run.

After completing the house cleaning, it was time to begin sorting. First on the agenda was Divinity’s belongings. What items to keep, what to give away, and which items to dispose of as they were either too worn out for another dog to use, or far too deteriorated to keep as a memento.

Note: Divinity’s belongings will be the subject of several posts in the future.

To be continued…


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