In late November of 2008, volunteers from a pet rescue, transported Divinity, and 11 other Cairn Terriers, as well as 22 Bassett Hounds, from a puppy-mill located in Southern Missouri to freedom. Divinity had spent the first 9-years of her life in a puppy-mill.

Unfortunately, there are more than 3,000 puppy-mills located in Missouri alone. Countless dogs suffer untold horrors, having one litter after another, until they are used up, and discarded.

Quite by accident, I discovered that Divinity had a microchip implanted by her puppy-mill. This chip was unregistered, but the microchip manufacturer kindly provided the name of the supply firm who sold this chip to the mill. This supply firm is located in Southern Missouri, this is the same area Divinity’s puppy-mill was located.

The next four links are to articles on puppy-mills in Missouri

* Missouri, the Puppy Mill State

* Missouri’s Dirty Dozen: Most of the worst puppy mills in Missouri are still licensed (2011)

* HSUS Releases Update on Missouri’s Worst Puppy Mills

* Puppy Mill FAQ


Each of the following images, are pictures of puppy-mills that are located in Missouri.

Note: These pictures are no where near the worst I have seen. However, they certainly reflect the horrific conditions in which puppy-mill dogs live.

Rescue from a Missouri Puppy Mill

Unknown Rescue from a Missouri Puppy Mill

Missouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy Mill Auction Block

Keep sakes & Memento’s

The following items are Divinity’s belongings that I intend to keep.

Note: To view a larger version of a picture, click the image.

Col Potter Scarf (Divinity was wearing this scarf when I picked her up at her foster home)

Col Potter Scarf

Col Potter blanket (Every Col Potter rescue receives their own unique home-made blanket)

Col Potter Blankie

 Quilt from Marge, Divinity’s foster mom

Quilt from Foster Mom



Yarn Balls (I made these myself in the weeks prior to picking Divinity up at her foster home.
Divinity never liked them, and I have absolutely no idea why I want to keep them!)

Yarn Balls

WebMaster Harness (Divinity pulled sideways wearing a regular harness. This WebMaster harness worked perfectly for my little lady)


Telling TTouch Harness & Light (This harness was used over her raincoat, and winter clothing.)

Tellington TTouch Harness & Light

Co-Pilot Chair (This chair has been sitting on the passenger seat for 4-1/2 years, and I would feel lost without it)

Note: Divinity was safely held in place by two leashes attached to her harness. These leashes were attached to a seatbelt in the rear passenger area.

Divinity's Co-pilot Seat

Hooded Spring/Fall Sweatshirt (I had put this sweatshirt in the pile of worn-out clothing to toss out, but ended up keeping it.)

Red Hooded Sweatshirt

Doggles (Divinity looked cool as all-get-out wearing her Doggles, and she knew it!)

Divinity wearing her Doggles

Let Me Out Bells (I taught Divinity to “jingle” these bells when she needed to go out. They are also handy as they let me know if someone opens my door)

Let Me Out Bells

Divinity’s Urn

Divinity’s urn has arrived. This urn was made for me by Carol, at Pet Hair Pottery. Previously, Carol made a dog tag neckless for me out of pottery, and Divinity’s hair.

Note on the “Dog Tag” image: Someone noticed there is a face of a Cairn Terrier in the center of the tag.  If you click the picture you will open a larger version of the photo. It’s easier to spot the face in the larger photo.

Carol is not only a very talented potter, she is also very thoughtful. Carol was one of the very few people who knew the scheduled date of Divinity’s euthanization. Carol kindly emailed, so that when I left Dr. Steve’s office that fateful day, her condolences were waiting for me. I will never forgot Carol’s kindness.

The last two photo’s were taken by Carol, and include a “Fur Capsule” that is attached to cord placed between the lid, and the jar. This capsule contains strands of hair from Miss Divinity.

Should you decide to order an urn, or other items from Carol, please email her first to be certain she is currently taking orders. Don’t forgot to tell Carol, that Divinity sent you.

Note: If you look carefully, you can see the outline of a small dog, with short legs.

After emailing Carol to inform her of the existence of this image, Carol replied stating “Oh my Gosh!!! That is really unbelievable!!! I am stunned! That has happened twice now with your work!”

Divinity's Urn

Urn without cover

Urn with cover

Urn with cover

Urn in B&W

Urn in B&W

Urn with fur capsule

Urn with fur capsule

Closeup of Fur Capsule

Closeup of Fur Capsule

Divinity enjoying a nice ride

2nd to last rideToday, it is exactly one month since my Divinity was euthanized.

While I certainly do not want to celebrate Divinity’s death, I do want to share her joy of life.

Therefore, here are two pictures of Divinity enjoying one of her last rides. Going for a ride, was one of Divinity’s greatest pleasures.

I have also uploaded a new video of Divinity taken during this trip.

Divinity’s cancer was in an advanced stage at this point. As such, she was quite tired, and rested her head on her seat during this trip. However, my little lady did perk up for a short while, and she really enjoyed looking at the scenery of the countryside.

2nd to last ride

To watch the video of Divinity enjoying her ride, click HERE.


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