Divinity’s Cairn-Do Attitude

Today, it is exactly four months since Divinity was euthanized. As I have every month on this date since that fateful day, I want to celebrate Divinity’s joy of life.

On the Lookout for Chipmunks

On the Lookout for Chipmunks

Note: Divinity actually tore through the screen on this door trying to get to the chipmunks!

This month I am posting pictures of Divinity, the one time she was in FULL-CAIRN mode. These photo’s were taken at the second of the three places we lived while I had her, and chipmunks were everywhere at this location!

Divinity spots a Chipmunk

Divinity spots a Chipmunk


These small critters drove my little lady bonkers, and for the first, and only time I had Divinity, she barked non-stop for a good two minutes.

Barking was something Divinity only did a few times in the 5-1/2 years we were together. I strong suspect she was beaten in the mill whenever she barked.

Now Divinity was fully capable of barking, however, she was just not comfortable doing it, even around me. It was necessary for me to be be very cautious because of this, as I could not count that Divinity would bark to let me know, that she gotten into trouble.

Divinity's tail goes straight out from excitement

Divinity’s tail goes straight out from excitement


Divinity was never able to catch a chipmunk, but she sure did try. One day she thought she cornered one in hole in this wall. However, the chipmunk found a tunnel to the top, and it stood there looking down at my little lady as she was eagerly trying to locate the critter she thought she cornered at the bottom of the wall.

Climbing in the wall to get her critter

Climbing in the wall to get her critter



4 responses

  1. Hi Richard. I left a comment early this morning but is has not shown up so I guess it is off in cyberspace.

    It was a wonderful start to my day and brought a smile to my face to see these pictures of Divinity.

    What a great little Cairn girl she is and an icon to her breed.


  2. Thanks Richard for sharing. Your story and pictures of Miss D, just make one smile.
    My cairn girl joined Miss D,this week. Her favorite joy was chasing “chippies” up in the mts.
    I am sure they have met up and are having fun.
    We have been blessed to have such special girls in our lives.

    • Fay,
      I am very sorry for your loss, but your girl will always be with you, no matter where you are.

      If Divinity is anywhere near your little girl at the bridge, than I know she’d introduce herself, perform a play-bow, offer friendship, and show her around.

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