Senior Citizen Discounts?

Association for the Advancement of Retired Dogs (AARD)While buying some food at the farm store for my little lady, I asked the sales people if Divinity was eligible for a Senior Citizen Discount. Everyone there, including the store manager thought discounts for Senior Citizen pets would be helpful. Unfortunately, the store does not offer senior discounts at this time.

Now Divinity is 76.2 years old using the “Weight X Age” calculation, or 101.5 years old using the “Human Age (7x)” calculation. By these calculations, she is certainly qualified as a senior citizen, and Divinity is also a retired Therapy Dog.

Maybe some owner’s of elderly pets could join together and start an AARD (Association for the Advancement of Retired Dogs.)

Now it was Divinity who came up with the AARD idea after I told her what had happened at the farm store, and after she watched an episode of Mister Ed getting a Social Security card.

For those interested, the following link is to the full video of Mister Ed receiving his Social Security card.

Mister Ed gets a Social Security card, and collects Unemployment


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